Scope of Business
Hong Kong
Wholesale Business
Main Plan Limited is one of the leading wholesalers and distributors of household and bathroom products in Hong Kong. Meeting the different needs from our clients, we develop a wide-range of different brands and also import from foreign countries, such as Italy, Germany, France, United States, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. With plenty of good quality items, we provide you the freedom to create the perfect for your life at home, with your unique style and budget.
Household Products
We have developed a wide variety of household products including:
Aluminum Cookware
Copper and Cast Iron Cookware
Cleaning Products
Electrical Appliances
Household Furniture
Kitchen Tools
Kitchen Utensils
Laundry Products
Outdoor Products
Personal Beauty
Plastic Ware
Seasonal Household Products
Stainless Steel Cookware
Stationery Products
Storage Products
Sundry Items
Table Ware
Travel Products
Vacuum Ware
Household Brands
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Bathroom Products and Accessories
Sanitary Ware
Kitchen Sink
Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Brands
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Sales Channels
With the huge growth in our business, we have now more than 150 sales channels in Hong Kong and Macau, including the big department stores, supermarkets, household chain stores and convenience stores.
*Sales locations are subject to change without prior notice
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Business Partners
Main Plan joins hundreds of the world-class businesses to expand the home-living product market. Throughout the years, we have a good cooperation with different business sectors, for instance, the financial service, property management, telecommunications, electronics and health & beauty, we create new business opportunities and strengthen the thriving home-living product market.
To further extend the wholesale network, we co-launch many large-scale construction projects with numerous wellknown companies. Our project partners have extensive global businesses including clubs, government, schools, hotels and residences. We offer a living home collection with excellent design and quality, to give you the best selection of bathroom products and accessories.
Main Plan Limited is established in Hong Kong.
Pioneer in 5-ply stainless steel cookware in Hong Kong.
Buffalo and Delong China are born
Launches the vacuum ware and kitchen ware by “Buffalo”
Delong China runs good sales of mixer and sanitary ware.
First Joint Promotion with our premium sales channel, Park’ n Shop, one of the largest supermarkets in Hong Kong
Launches household accessories by “VIVO”
Launches brand in non-stick cookware under “Ideale Chef” and fine bone china dinnerware under “Daisy”
First joint promotion with large-scale personal care store – Mannings
Extension of distribution network to convenience stores
Launches household sundry items by “KCI”
Launches bathroom products by “Bathdilly”. Small home appliances by “Proluxury”. The professional vacuum ware under “VACA”.
Set up “Delong Scholarship” with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Becomes the sole distributor of Japan premium cookware, “Vita Crafte” HK is born
Becomes the sole distributor of European bathroom and sanitary ware – “EMMEVI” and “Valadres” are born
Becomes the sole distributor of Italian cookware brand-“TVS” is born
Launches different household brands with more than 30,000 products