About Us
Manufacturing & Export
As a vanguard in the bathroom brassware industry, we are not just targeting at the local sectors but eyeing our vision to the World. Being the leading reliable manufacturer in the industry, our products are exported to over 40 countries to further enhance the product accessibility. The export business is thus established to promote and expand our product coverage to all over the world.
Throughout the years of dedication and efforts, our quality products have reached every corner of the globe, with customer satisfaction as our all-time priority. For certification and accreditation, we also received much recognition such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, WaterMark and other certificates to meet different standards requested by our global customers.
Design, Quality & Professionalism are the major core values we are binding to. We pledge to devote our greatest efforts in the development of top quality and contemporary designs of faucets and bathroom accessories, at competitive prices for the medium to high-end market segments while complying with major European standards.