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China Business
Delong Bathroom (Guang Zhou) Limited:
Delong Bathroom (Guang Zhou) Limited was established and entered the Mainland market in 1994. We uphold “Design, Quality and Professional” as a concept. Delong has been recognized by different awards such as Cottontree Prize and Top 10 brands, which are the pinnacle of what every bathroom product company wants to be recognized.
Delong China has more than 400 retail shops in China, our products are widely used in more than 200 construction projects in hotels, such as Shangri-La, Hilton and Sheraton. We also have major residence projects with the well-known property development corporate such as Evergrand, Hopson, Agile, Greentown and Youngor, etc.
We will have a projected opening plan in the coming years. It will well support the growth plan for the company to meet customers in the new and existing markets.