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ecLiving Limited
The concept of ecLiving Limited (“ecLiving”) starts with the idea of providing a wide range of household products that are affordable to the many people. Since 2010, it has achieved by combining the idea of functionalities, high quality, good design and high value in all household and bathroom items to many households. Our concept is to help more people live a better life at home, we are proud to bring ecLiving concept to your life.
Every year new ecLiving stores open in Hong Kong. ecLiving aims to reach more of the many people in Hong Kong and so we will open more stores to a total of 50 the end of 2018.
To become one of the top retailer of household producers in Hong Kong and providing a one-stop shopping experience of household products in Hong Kong market.
Bo Crown Building Materials Limited
Time is something we all need now and then. Your bathroom has to put up with a lot especially during the morning rush hours such as wet towels and toothpaste stains. This is the reason why we need a bathroom in high quality to last for many years to come. Bo Crown Building Materials Limited (“Bo Crown”) understands your need and we make different high quality bathroom series. From sinks, faucets, bathroom furniture, inside storage units and to all other bathroom accessories, there are lots of options to find what you need. Bo Crown is now having 6 retail outlets, for better servicing your need. Our coverage is in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.
We provide products with high quality and contemporary designs of faucets and bathroom accessories to customers, to provide the best bathroom products in Hong Kong